Relax and Learn Guitar Beginner Course

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Have you always wanted to play guitar? 

Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Wasting time searching random Youtube videos?

100's of folks have used my lessons to learn gutiar. People just like you. Now it's your turn!

Take the fast track to develop the essential skills that you need to start playing the guitar today! 12 easy to follow video lessons will set you on the right path.

Here's how the course works:


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Get your course lessons in one easy to follow module that will have you playing guitar in no time.


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View the lessons whenever you like and as often as you like. 12 video lessons take you from absolute beginner to playing your first songs. LIFETIME ACCESS !


Get your questions answered: 

Connect with me personally for help answer your questions and speed up your progress.

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What’s covered in the course?


Learn how to choose an acoustic guitar that fits you. How to choose the right accessories and how to get and keep proper posture while playing.


Easy to follow lessons help you learn how to gain rhythm. Learn how to practice the right way so you can stay in rhythm. 

Chords and songs

Learn how to master your first open chords and how to relax, learn and play your first songs.

Here are what others are saying about the course:


"I never felt I was good enough to play around the campfire. Thanks to Kevin, now I am."


"Well worth it. In the months since I began I have learned more than in the years I tried learning from books."


"I am so encouraged by the progress I am making in such a short time thanks to Kevin's help."


"I am enjoying the course. If I can learn to play guitar, so can you!"

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