Stay tuned for more information about the Relax and Learn Guitar Community Membership.


You can join a community of like minded musicians making the most of their middle years.  Play Guitar and Stay Young.  A private membership with exclusive content.  One on one access to me as I help you become a better guitar player.


You get access to all of the lessons, tablature and resources plus you can talk to me in the forums.  I will check in and answer your questions several times a week.  Individualized support from me and interaction with other members will all be part of the experience.  There will be new content added regularly. This is a marathon, not a sprint.


Connect with others, share your challenges and successes, request lessons,  and post videos for feedback and to show the progress you are making.  You can even participate in one on one lessons with me via Skype.


You are not alone.  Start your musical journey with the support of me and the others in the Relax and Learn Guitar Community Membership. Subscribe below to be notified when the community will be open.


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The Relax and Learn Guitar Membership Community Membership is right for you because:


  • You get direct access to me for support, feedback and encouragement !
  • I will show you exactly what you need to do to be a better guitarist.
  • I have organized the lessons for you so you know the exact steps to take.
  • I will show you exactly what to do when you practice so that you will see yourself making progress.
  • Discover the joy of playing an instrument and therapeutic effects of music
  • It’s cheaper than face to face lessons
  • You never have to leave your house
  • It’s convienent
  • No cancellation or no show fees
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Support and encouragement from similar people, make some new friends!
  • Realistic goals and progress
  • It’s a BLAST!




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   Coming Fall 2016!


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