Playing guitar makes you smarter

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Learning to play the guitar is a great way to create some fireworks in your brain.  Playing the guitar engages your brain and helps in a number of important areas including improved memory, increased executive function, enhanced creative thinking and problem solving.


All great things to be better at. Talk about brain food!  I guess my mom was right about those piano lessons.   I used to hate practice. Now I thank my lucky stars because that experience helped shaped my creative side.


So many benefits and so little time.  Grab your guitar and start linking that melody with that rhythm.  Learning the guitar is a full body work out for your brain.


Playing the guitar involves your auditory, visual and motor skills.  It helps strengthen that connection between your left and right brain and helps improve your memory.


A little bit of practice each day and you will be on your way.  Check out this free lesson and get started today on playing the guitar and getting smarter!


Learn more in this TED video about how playing an instrument benefits your brain.

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