The importance of a guitar practice routine

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Routines make life easier. When you are learning to play guitar, adding one more routine to your life will serve you well. The routine of creating something that makes you happy. The routine of making practice a part of each day.


There are some vital counterintuitive facts about creativity.


One of those facts is that being creative is rarely spontaneous.


Creativity takes practice.


We have all heard the stories of artists jolting up in bed and writing down the lyrics to
a complete hit song. I would argue that this is more likely to happen because that artist
has explored so many ideas and songs that they are more likely to have that “miracle”
flash of genius.


Artists practice their craft everyday.


Leonardo DaVinci made hundreds of drawings before creating his 40 or so masterpieces.


Lennon and McCartney wrote over 190 songs together.


Look how long The Rolling Stones have been at it!


Now we all can’t chuck our full time responsibilities, no matter how much we want to.
But we can get to a place where we have a little bit of time each day to practice guitar
and make it part of our routine.


When you are learning to play guitar, start out small. It is much more effective to play a little bit each day and practice the right way:


  • practice the things we are not comfortable with
  • using the right techniques
  • going slow and then increasing the tempo
  • playing in time.
Practicing the right way will lead to progress and progress leads to more progress. When that is happening you are more likely to stick with it and continue to grow and improve.


Sometimes we tell ourselves that we don’t have time to “play”. I believe that we can’t not have time.


Sound time management practices will lead to a sound practice schedule. I believe anyone can learn to play the guitar, no matter how old, no matter your past experience. You just have to stay focused and stay with it and build on a certain order of skills. You need to have a goal in mind for where you want to take your guitar playing. And a plan in place on how to practice to get there.


If you write it down, it is more likely to happen. A simple calendar, schedule and to do list can go a long way toward being successful at time management and in turn more successful at doing something you love.


If you only practice when you “find the time” you never will. You have to schedule that time. Write it down. And then practice. Make it a deliberate act.


The best thing about playing the guitar is that it is good for your health and wellness. Engaging in creative activities that you enjoy leads to greater happiness, reduced stress and a greater sense of well being. When you create some time to practice and explore, you begin to know yourself better.


And I promise, once you start to practice you may get “lost” in that process and be surprised
at what you can achieve.


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