Welcome to the REPLAY of the FREE Relax and Learn Guitar Johnny Cash Challenge!

5 days worth of lessons and downloads!
Learn this classic song in as little as one day!
This was a live challenge with folks in the FREE RLG Acoustic Guitar Challenge Facebook Group.
To get the most out of this recorded “Folsom Prison Blues” challenge I recommend:
1. You watch the lessons in order.
2. Be sure and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to see all the lessons.
3. Print the PDF downloads & have them ready for the lessons.
4. Contact me here with any questions.
We had a blast and we are planning more of these live challenges in the future!
In the meantime, enjoy the next best thing to being there!

Lesson 1:

The download for exercises in this lesson is here:
Warm up exercise PDF

Lesson 2:

The download for the intro tablature covered in the lesson is here:
Folsom Prison intro

Lesson 3:

The download for the chord chart that we cover in the lesson is here:
chords PDF

Lesson 4:

There is no download for this lesson.  But don’t skip it :). It is probably the most important lesson!

Lesson 5:

This is it- the last lesson!  Here is the download for the song tablature covered in this lesson:
folsom prison blues tab
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