Old Man-Neil Young-easy guitar lesson

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In this lesson we learn “Old Man”  by Neil Young. This is an easy guitar lesson version and we will learn 2 strum patterns for this “strumming version” of this song.

Classic song by a classic artist, Old Man is the perfect song for a beginner.

Neil Young is one of my all time favorite artists.  The great thing about a lot of his songs is that they are about the way you express yourself while you play them.  He is such an incredible song writer and story teller.  You don have to be precise with your strumming in this song.  Just play it with heart.

We learn a straight 8th note pattern for the intro and chorus and a different pattern for the verse of “Old Man”

You can play along with the song with this version just fine as a beginner version.  It is not exactly how Neil plays it, but you can play these easy strum patterns over the record and it will song good.

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