Key of G Guitar Licks Part 3

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This is an acoustic guitar lesson on how to play some Key of G guitar licks. You can add these licks to any song played in the key of G and they will sound great. Try it out! When I … Read More

Beginner Fingerstyle Patterns

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Beginner Fingerstyle Patterns Here are some right hand, or finger picking hand, exercises to learn a basic pattern that  will go a long way. We cover some alternating bass notes with your thumb. Your other fingers play the same strings. … Read More

Handle with Care Intro-Traveling Wilburys

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This lesson is Handle With Care Intro-Traveling Wilburys. I focus on the intro with some fingerpicking. It’s a great song to practice both picking individual strings and strumming chords. This group of musicians are fantastic! Which Traveling Wilburys song do … Read More

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