Conquer the challenge of being creative

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Being creative is hard work for adults. For kids, not so much.


Being creative means using your imagination. Using your imagination means not being concerned with being “wrong”. When was the last time that you were not concerned with being wrong?


My guess is that today alone, you were concerned about not being wrong about the way you looked. Is my hair right? is there anything on my face? Do these jeans make my butt look fat?


I am not saying that we should all be like our friends in preschool, running around with bed head, jelly on our faces and jeans that may have gotten a little dirty at the park. But we can certainly learn something from our little friends, children, nieces, nephews, neighbors and grand children.


When was the last time that you worried about how your voice sounded when it was recorded? Am I going to say the right thing at this meeting? Did I type that paragraph correctly? Did I fill that spread sheet out the right way?


I know our friends in preschool are not worried about being wrong as often as we are as adults.


Being creative is not being afraid to be wrong.


When a jazz musician is playing the guitar and improvising, the part of his brain that tells him “ that might be the wrong note” is somehow turned off. He has learned that if he plays the “wrong” note that he can just make it part of his creation and keep on going.


Being creative takes time. Great musicians don’t just pick up their instrument and compose a symphony. They practice their craft a lot. They practice their creativity a lot. Children practice their creativity everyday when they play.


Most of us adults probably fall into the category of those that think there is not enough time in the day to be creative. It may not be important to us.


We can make time for the things that matter. By learning some time management, organization and prioritization skills, we can greatly increase the likelihood that we will create the time to be creative and play.


So you have made the time to be creative, now what? You can’t go from that first brush stroke to being Van Gogh.


I suggest you start out small with the guitar and work to build toward your goal.  Wether that is to play your favorite song or perform in front of others.  A little practice each day.


Think like a kid, and when you mess up, smile- you just learned something new- and keep going.  That is what kids do, they keep going.
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