Question: What is the RLG membership?
Answer: The Relax and Learn Guitar Membership is a private online membership with exclusive content and one on one support from me. I am dedicated to helping folks over 40 play the acoustic guitar like they have always wanted.


Question: Who is the membership for?
The RLG membership is for folks over 40 who want to play guitar.
It is for people who :
  • Are absolute beginners
  • Have played in the past. But life just got too busy. Now they have more time to spend on themselves and they want to pick it back up.
  • Have tried to play in the past without success.
  • Want to feel good about mastering a new skill they can be proud of.
  • Want to relax and have fun
  • Want to learn to play in rhythm, or in time. To strum along with their favorite records.
  • Want to play for their family and friends at get togethers or around the campfire
  • Want to play guitar in their down time.
  • Want to save time: the lessons are organized step by step
  • Want to save money.  Much more affordable than in person lessons
Question: Who is the membership not for?
This membership is not for:
  • Advanced players that have been playing guitar for a long time.
  • People that want to play solo guitar.
  • People that want to learn complicated scales and modes.
  • People looking to play jazz or classical guitar.
  • People that want to learn all about music theory and how to read music.
  • People who know all of the open chords and barre chords and can figure out songs by ear.
Question: How does the membership work?
Answer: The membership has two parts.
Part one is a website that you can log into at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fit your busy schedule.
The website is where you will find over 180 in depth video lessons organized in an easy to follow order so you can advance from complete beginner to an intermediate level.
There are printable checklists, tablature, lyrics and ebooks. You can post questions about any of the lessons in the membership and talk to me directly.
You can watch and re watch lessons whenever and as often as you like.  You can control the speed of the videos.


Watch the video for a sneak peak into the membership:


Part two is a private Facebook group where members ask me questions, request songs or lessons and post pictures and even videos for personal feedback. I also do live group lessons with members there.



Question: What types of music will I learn?
Answer: We play mostly classic rock, folk and country music. Some basic blues. We play songs by Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Eagles and Bob Dylan to name a few. We focus on playing rhythm guitar.



Question: What is the ultimate goal of the membership?
Answer: The ultimate goal of membership is that you will learn to play the guitar and have fun doing it. I believe the Relax and Learn Guitar method is the best way to learn to play the guitar. I believe that being part of an online community is the best way to stick with guitar and experience the happiness that it will bring to your life.
The goal of the membership is to give you all the tools and resources to take you as far as you wish to go on your guitar journey. All the way from never having touched a musical instrument – if that is the case – to being a fluent and confident rhythm acoustic guitarist. There are many milestones along the way and reaching those milestones is really where the fun is.  This is not about mastering the guitar.


I want to help others experience the joy, fun and happiness that playing the guitar brings.  You can make your world a little happier, keep your mind sharp, your fingers limber and feed your soul!  So many benefits!  Relax a little, slow down and be in the moment.  You will be glad you did!


Question: How does Payment work?
You enter your billing information and credit card information. The site is secure. Your card will be billed automatically either monthly or annually until you decide to cancel.
Whatever price you enter at you will keep. Your rate will never go up as long as you are a member.
You can cancel anytime. No hidden fees, no obligation.
You get instant access to everything I have as soon as you join.


Question: I am ready to get started, what do I do now?



It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Enjoy the scenery along the way!